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What is group buying and why is it beneficial?

Concept of Group Buying –

Here is how it works. Buyers who are looking to buy in a particular comminuty can come together through our portal. We already have good discounts negotiated for bulk deals, in some cases if the target number of units increases, there is further possibility of negotiation. The builder, sensing a good opportunity to sell anumber always givers the best deal.

Win-Win Situation for Everyone

For Buyers

The factor of bulk playes into action. The portal allows buyers to  club together. With tech play, buyers from any where can be part of the group. It doesn't restrict to people you know. In this way making of a bigger group is possible.

For Developers

Developers gain by selling fast. In todays scenario, the cost of capital for real estate projects is really high. The time is money here. The faster selling reduces the dependency on costly capital. It also helps in faster completion of project. A builder is able to monetize faster. This reduces the possibility of project getting stuck. With timely delivery builder is able to fulfill his / her promises and make timely delivery possible.

How to participate:

Just logon to
We have projects identified, these projects are not just financially well done. We also have vetted their background and delivery history and also possibility of delivering current project.
Buyers can come together in this portal and buy in bulk to get the best rates.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Group buying - to get the best rates

The process of negotiating in buying home is usually long. It takes multiple meetings with the sales agent sometimes with the their heads. Even after that one need to verify whether they are getting good prices. One may also talk with agents to know if there are better prices. And one thing everyone definitely does is to go through various portals, scan through them, evaluate each and every offer. 

With my experience in real estate, I have seen that the people who have bought, they themselves are not confident about the price he has bought his house at. People avoid discussion of rates so that they don't feel bad. Many a times one finds out that his neighbour got a better rate even though he may have bought after him. 

Clearly the rates lack transparency. The buyer lack satisfaction a significant number of times. We have done a survey to find out that 80% of home owners think they didn't get the best rates. 

In order to cater to this we decided to make a product that gives home buyers the best rates. Let the technology play so that they get the best rates. is a real estate home buying portal that enables home buyers to get the best per sqft rates. It does that be enabling the power of bulk. It brings together multiple buyers who would be interested in a project and let's them jointly their homes. We already have negotiated on your behalf to get best rates proportionate to number of buyers. There is also possibility of further discount as the number of buyers increase. 

The builders have also shown huge interest in this and we expect to increase our offers and options much more. 

Connect with us to get the best rates and do take the survey here, share your details so that we get back to you with best deals. 

An important point in real estate is, in realty you make money while buying and not selling. 

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Milestone 1: Partnership with Tata Housing

Tata Promont in Banshankari

We, at Verticl, take immense pleasure in partnering with Tata Housing, part of the iconic Tata Group, and one of the most reputed real estate developer with a pan-India presence.

We have listed the bulk prices for Tata Promont, a beautiful landmark in Banshankari Stage 3. Comprising of 3 and 4 BHK apartments starting from 1820 sq ft carpet area, Tata Promont is a state-of-the art luxurious project at a highly coveted location in Bangalore.

This partnership underscores the promise and potential of group buying in Indian real estate, and we look forward with enthusiasm to having more projects from Tata Housing on to our portal, and forging a mutually beneficial long term partnership.

Group Buying and Probability of Timely Delivery

Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bangalore during rains
Group buying isn’t a new concept even in real estate in India. It has existed for a long time with localized brokers trying to aggregate demand offline. Even corporates such as ITC and Shell have negotiated bulk deals with large developers for their employees. Group buying hasn’t been digitized as yet. The potential of an online platform, such as Verticl, that brings together demands from all geographies and professions is just tremendous. 

Digital syndication is the need of the hour as buyers hunt for lower prices more and more, and the developers are hard pressed to maintain a certain speed of construction to get necessary sales. In this article, we share brief insights on how bulk buying increases the probability of timely delivery of homes. 

Builders need to book healthy sales volume to construct the project. Bigger sales volume implies higher liquidity (more money) that is then used to construct faster and service interests without any delays. This bigger sales volume was provided by affluent buyers in the pre-demonetization and GST era, who used to buy multiple apartments at an early stage and reap the benefits of capital appreciation by flipping properties to end users post completion. 
These affluent investors have turned wary because of the sluggish sales driven by negative sentiments, a general economic slowdown, and millennials delaying their home buying decisions. Builders, consequently, are unable to sell in bulk and are grappling with significantly lower liquidity (working capital) to carry out construction after covering financing costs. Because of this reason, there are delays in handing over homes to buyers.

Hence, if a platform can aggregate demand on a large scale and help builders achieve or exceed their sales targets real quick, they would be happy to sell their inventory at significantly lower prices, finish off the project and move to the next one. Furthermore, builders have all-the-incentives to offload their inventory at the maximum possible speed because holding inventory, usually financed with debt, is expensive. The interest costs eat up the profit. Bulk sales, therefore, increases the probability of a timely handover of a project.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Additional Discount on Projects

It has started already.
Builders are already ready for giving best rates on their projects 

Get upto additional 10% discount on selected projects in Bangalore and Delhi.

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Bulk Buy Hosting - A Safe, Easy and Affordable PBN Hosting ...

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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Investment Strategy: Group buying for home buyers

Group buying has been implemented across businesses and geographies. We see tremendous opportunities for group buying in Indian residential real estate. In this article, we briefly share an overview on group buying. 

In the most common approach, home buyers reach property developers independently and take the run-of-the mill negotiations approach to get a discounted price. It is practically impossible for any seller, let alone developer, to give exceptional discounts to buyers individually. On the other hand, if a seller gets an opportunity to offload a large chunk of her inventory at one go, she would be happy to work out the lowest possible rates. A bulk sale generates massive liquidity and helps sellers mitigate inventory holding costs not just in real estate but across industries. For instance, a number of mid and large companies come together on digital platforms to procure commodities and raw materials together so that all benefit from reduced prices. Collective bargaining power of a group of buyers trumps individual negotiation capabilities by far. 

The need to sell apartments in bulk is even more pressing for real estate developers for two primary reasons- one, almost all inventory is financed with high cost debt. For every day, she keeps the inventory unsold, she has to bear heavy interest from her pocket. Two, post demonetization and GST, the HNI investors who used to buy cheap at pre-launch and flip completed properties to end users have turned very cautious or backed out completely. With sales getting adversely impacted because of the ongoing COVID crisis, the affluent individuals are going to be all the more cautious with the way they manage their liquidity. This leaves a whitespace for a strategy that helps buyers sell their inventory in large numbers quickly. Group buying is a perfect fit.

Traditionally, demand aggregation of home buyers have been done by brokers and agents offline. They leverage their databases and networks to bring potential buyers together and negotiate prices from developers on their behalf. This approach is inefficient and has low scale and reach. We believe a digital and machine learning-led platform for demand aggregation will be disruptive and change the way buyers discover the lowest price in a project they are interested in. Such a platform will empower buyers with scientific price discovery mechanisms, capture customer behaviour logically, and eliminate emotion or skill-based negotiation tactics.

In order to learn more about group buying in real estate and how it may benefit you, please reach us on +91-9108447825 or +91-9108447829.  

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